“My name is Laura Grzanic. I live in Belfield, North Dakota. I’ve lived here for 31 years. In the past couple of years, Meridian Corp, proposed putting an oil refinery one mile from my home and less than three miles from North Dakota’s only National Park, Theodore Roosevelt National Park.”

“Before all of this new development started this area felt peaceful. But ever since industry came to town, our decision-makers seem to think it is more important to support industry. It feels like myself and all of the people who have lived here for years are being squeezed out. The area feels less rural from all of the development. And if they build the proposed refinery, it’s going to be even worse. That’s why I’m fighting it.”

“I am concerned about all of the pollution that would come out of a refinery, I really am. More pollution is never a good thing. If the refinery gets built, it will hurt our air, soil, and water. This will hurt the people who live in this area, especially children and other vulnerable people with health issues.”

“This refinery project has really divided the community. Some families are going to make money off the project and naturally they are for the project, whereas others are against the project because they have concerns. I have heard of long time friendships that have ended because of differences in opinion regarding the refinery.”

-Laura Grzanic
Belfield, ND