Battlement Mesa, CO

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Ben: I never thought about oil and gas in the past because the development never really affected me. I grew up in California and remember driving through LA and seeing oil wells near houses and thinking that that cannot be good. Being a conservative most of my life, I always thought oil and gas development was a good thing. But, honestly it wasn’t until it was in my backyard that I really became aware of the problems associated with oil and gas.

Sharyn: Before we moved to Battlement Mesa we lived up between Newcastle and in Glenwood Springs in the Canyon Creek area. When we lived in the Canyon Creek area we heard about people being impacted by oil and gas on television. There would be news stories talking about people having to test their water and people seeing their faucets lighting on fire. I always thought well that’s just terrible, but at the same time I thought I’m sure the government will do something about that to help those people. And now that we are living with oil and gas, it is clear that the government doesn’t do much to protect the people from the impacts.

-Ben and Sharyn Tipton
Battlement Mesa, CO