Cheyenne, WY


“This oil well, the Houlihan 1-28H, was put in six hundred eighty feet from our house and the noises from that have been bad for the health of myself and my mother. I believe my mother died as a result of the stress from these terrific noises made by that oil well and those noises only stopped briefly in 2015 during the last five years. Only very recently have the noises begun to subside and I think it is thanks to Powder River’s presence. Time will tell if the noises keep on going.

She was old. She was homebound, so she couldn’t leave. Those noises, day and night, when they were fracking it in the beginning, in 2012 and 2013, she couldn’t take it.

I called Officer Thomas of the Sheriff’s Department. He’s the only one I could think of to call. He came out. He heard the noises. He called Kaiser-Francis Oil. He called them repeatedly, and they told him ‘it’s a new well, these noises will stop’ and that was the end of it. Only the noises have not stopped, and this is not a new well, and there’s something wrong here, but these oil people refuse to fix it.”

-Laurel Paul
Cheyenne, WY