Cheyenne, WY


Wayne-Lax-3There’s so much negative surrounding all this, but I do feel that there are some really passionate and caring people that are your ally and it takes a little bit of looking around to find out who that is and really the biggest one I know is the Powder River Basin Resource Council because they represent little people in the big battle and that’s what this is.

We’re just homeowners. We don’t have the hammer in all of this. We don’t have strong representation on our own, but Powder River’s been going up against big companies and corporations in fighting the legal battle, the legislative battle for decades. They’ve got legal experts. They’ve got field experts, and they’ve got access to more than that.

So I was excited beyond words when Cheyenne Area Landowners Coalition allied themselves as an affiliate with Powder River Basin Resource Council and ultimately with the Western Organization of Resource Councils. We feel like you’re not in this alone. You’ve got some people that are listening to you and fighting with you.

Wayne Lax
Cheyenne, WY