Cheyenne, WY


We were informed by Alex Bowler, who was the treasurer at the time of Cheyenne Area Landowners Coalition, that he was contacted by a lady that lives just up the road from me about them potentially fracking underneath a huge subdivision, of hundreds of homes and four or five hundred kids at an elementary school. They were pretty vociferous. So we tried to gather information, gather decision-makers, get the press involved, and help stage a meeting with those people and got the thing pretty well shut down.

Although at our meeting, I point-blank asked the state Oil and Gas Commissioner Mark Watson what is the status of those permits, because Ward Petroleum stated unequivocally that they’ve withdrawn these applications for a permit to drill and that it’s just not the case. They are still with the Oil and Gas Commission, but the commissioners have chosen not to move on them at all because they feel they don’t meet the criteria that they want to approve these permits for reasons they haven’t really made too much public about. They just say they don’t meet the criteria.

The other thing that Mr. Watson said to me after the meeting is that if a well meets their criteria, they just approve it. There’s not too much gray area to them. Everything that gets thrown in front of them, they pretty much meet their criteria because the best interest of the mineral owners is what they represent.

Wayne Lax
Cheyenne, WY