Greeley, CO

“One thing that concerns me is that I have had house movement since activity started. I keep track of it on my phone. I either call it a shake or a boom. I know calling it a shake or a boom isn’t scientific or anything, but when it happens you can feel the house move, the pictures on the walls go crooked.

After feeling a bunch of movements I filed a first complaint with COGCC and they sent out an inspector up and they checked the records, and told me that there was nothing that the company [Extraction] was doing that would cause my house to move and basically blew off my complaint. This April I heard a really loud boom, all my lights flickered and I honestly thought one of the limbs from one of my 120 year cottonwoods had fallen on the house. I went outside with a flashlight and I saw nothing.

After the big boom, I filed a second complaint with the COGCC regarding the boom. The COGCC said it was probably noise, and I said it was not noise and that they should be taking complaints like mine more seriously, especially after what happened in Firestone. I still have not heard back from the COGCC about the second complaint”

-Dawn Stein
Greeley, CO

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