Greeley, CO

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“The company, [Extraction Oil and Gas], has consistently lied about the project. In September 2014, they told us that there would be a pipeline to carry the minerals off the site, and take them to a processing facility elsewhere. Well, that story lasted for about a year, until the price of oil had dropped to under $40. That’s when they started to tell us that there was no way they were going to have a pipeline, and that instead they would have to truck the oil off site. Trucking the oil off the site meant a major disturbance to our neighborhood. It has been estimated that over the life of (25-30 years) the drilling project that more than 200,000 truck trips would be required to move the oil from this project to pipelines or processing facilities. And now that the price of oil is up, they are saying they will build a pipeline, which is wonderful when compared to 200,000 truck trips.”