Greeley, CO


“When this drilling proposal first came up it was clear that it had to go through several layers of permitting before it could be a reality. The first organization that it went through was the Greeley Planning Commission so we presented to them and they voted unanimously to turn the project down and life was good. Despite the Planning Commission vote the City Council City Council voted to allow the drilling project.

The contrast in the vote of the Planning Commission vs. City Council was likely due to the fact that the Planning Commission is not an elected body, and the City Council is an elected body. Because the City Council is an elected body they rely on contributions from businesses including the oil and gas industry to help with their election campaigns. By contrast the Planning Commission does not get campaign contributions and as a result is more likely to base its decisions on the merits of a case. In our case it was clear that oil and gas industry campaign contributions heavily impacted the outcome of the City Council vote.”

-Lowell Lewis
Greeley, CO