Gobernador, NM

“After a couple years we just had to start really paying attention to it because things that we were fixing, that took years to fix, they [oil and gas] took out in 15 minutes. And so, we began to look away from our goal, our life goal, and just to deal with the daily impact of oil and gas. Constant activity, traffic and what comes from that: dust and trash and interruption, nuisance around the clock, the surface damage, building new locations, bringing in the rigs, industrial waste that’s caused both in the drilling process, greatly in the drilling process, and then on to the next 30 years during the production process. The impacts are at every level: your surface, your health, the smells, and all of the waste. The industry throws away its waste by releasing toxic chemicals into the air… or millions of gallons of waste that they bury on your ranch.”

-Don Schreiber
Blanco, NM