Antler, ND

Daryl: To me, a conservative philosophy is that you don’t want too much government, but you should be held within the bounds of the law. The problems that we are facing right now are because our regulators are not even requiring companies to follow the rules were have on the books. And when you try to get the regulators to enforce the rules or get new rule put in place, industry complains about too much government. I just want Oil and Gas companies to follow the rules and be held accountable when they do not.
Christine: “Nobody from our government is truly holding industry responsible for the losses to our property from oil and saltwater spills. Here is an analogy that I give people to understand our situation: You get pulled over by Highway Patrol and you are told you were going too fast, and the Highway Patrol tells you to slow down and lets you go. That is how our government deals with oil and gas companies that spill oil and saltwater on farmers land.”

-Daryl and Christine Peterson
Antler, ND