Battlement Mesa, CO

Bill:  “My name is Bill Nelson. I came from Wales originally, a long time ago.  Now I live here in Battlement Mesa in Stone Ridge Village.  We have this beautiful view from our home.  My career was in financial management and general management. Actually, I started off as a chartered accountant and a certified internal auditor. I’m retired now. I like to golf and I used to ski a lot, but we don’t do that anymore, mainly because my wife kept falling down.”

Eleanor: “My name is Eleanor Nelson.  I was born in Wilmington, Delaware, but I was raised in Pittsburgh and South Florida. That’s where Bill and I met — in South Florida, where we worked for the same company. When we got married we moved up to Boca Raton, which is a nice area within Palm Beach County, Florida. From there, we used to come out to Colorado to ski during the winter and that’s where many of our vacations were spent. We felt that since the kids were grown and had moved away and we had no close family where we lived, we decided, well, why don’t we just move to Colorado?  We looked for a place that would give us access to ski resorts. And this was it.”

-Bill and Eleanor Nelson
Battlement Mesa, CO