New Town, ND

“When it [the boom] was at its worse, I wasn’t serving as a pastor anywhere at that point. But when you’re a pastor you tend to, you never quit being a pastor. But there were a lot of people, just in conversation, pastor impulses would get to work in terms of the support to give people, sympathize with what they’re going thru or just marvel at what strong people they were. But so much…In the Keene area see they had gone thru every single boom that there was. All three of them.

And in fact, some of them were people that had come with the first boom back when I was doing that stuff during those summers. They had been in the crews and then just married local people and stayed there. A lot of them were there for a long time. But even those people would say this is much worse than it ever was like during previous oil booms in North Dakota.”

-Jim Stensile
New Town, ND