Glendive, MT


“The fact is that people were drinking water right after the spill. Well, I hope they were smart enough not to drink it when you turn on your tap and it smells like diesel fuel, why would you? But they weren’t giving any explanations for days as to if the water was good. It wasn’t until Tuesday night which was the first public meeting four days after Saturday afternoon when this spill was noticed.”

“I went to that first public meeting and a young woman said, “So, I called the police department, cause it was on a weekend and there was no place to call, and said I turned on my water and it smells like diesel fuel, and they said are you sure you don’t have something running in your garage?’” Then one of the county commissioners told her she shouldn’t have called the police department. She then ask, “then who should I call?” and the county commissioner said “we don’t know that yet”

-Dena Hoff
Glendive, MT