Parshall, ND

“My name is Marilynn Hudson, and I live right here in Parshall, North Dakota. I’m 79 years old now. The oil development started…how many years has it been now? 2008, I think. So, we’ve been in it for about 8 years. And there’s been a tremendous change here.”

“The Mandaree area of the Fort Berthold Reservation was traditionally a grazing area. You know, land where we had a lot of cattle and ranchers. That’s the legacy of the Three Affiliated Tribes…we’ve always been very agricultural. Not that many years ago, we had thousands of acres of grassland… it was excellent land geared for cattle ranching. There used to be huge cattle ranches there, and cattle camps, and so forth. But that’s all gone today. So there has been a tremendous change. The farmers and ranchers are just about gone, too. Many of them have moved to Arizona, or Bismarck, or wherever. Their land now has been taken over by huge oil leases. They’re still trying to maintain some types of grazing units out there, but when you drive out in that area, you see what’s left of the cattle there, mixed in with the trappings of the oil industry. You can see that agriculture has no real future in this area at all.”

Marilynn Hudson
Parshall, ND

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