Circle, MT

“Dealing with the company was… well, in my opinion, Keystone didn’t come into this country to negotiate with landowners. They came here to take that right away. They offered a minimal amount of money, and gave us a contract that was wrote for them, and they expected us to take that and be fine with it. Well, most of us along the route were not gonna sign that contract, because of what was in it.”

“The whole process was just long and drug out, and I don’t think it had to be that way. If Keystone would’ve come in willing to negotiate with landowners, I think they probably would’ve saved themselves a lot of headache. And it would’ve saved us a lot, because we spent a lot of time going to meetings, and the expense of all the meetings, and attorneys, and everything else…it became quite expensive before it was over with. And that was just one fight. I feel for the folks who are fighting things on multiple fronts. The people with 20 oil wells on their place, or the folks who had to fight the Tongue River Railroad for 30 years. It’s just exhausting.”

Chuck Nerud
Circle, MT

Chuck Nerud Keystone ranch