Battlement Mesa, CO

Bernita: “They’re proposing to build five well pads in Battlement Mesa. And each pad would have somewhere between 23 and 28 wells on it. That’s a huge number of wells, for the size of this place. Battlement Mesa is only 8.4 square miles. And more than 4,000 people live inside our boundaries.”

Bob: “There’s two pads in the first phase of development, and three in the second.”

Bernita: “The first two pads– one would be right below a bluff that has a lot of homes on it, and very close to our water treatment plant, and the Colorado River. The second one would be up the hill from that. It’d be within 1000 feet of all sorts of houses, on multiple sides. Then there are possibly three more. Two of them are right on the golf course, on the first nine holes. One would be right outside where you tee off for the first hole. And then the third possible one is–”

Bob: “It’s over by the middle school, isn’t it?”

Bernita: “Somewhere in that area. There’s a middle school, and a clinic, there’s a city park, and there’s a nice little church– and so it’s hard to tell where in there it’s planned. And, you know. Who knows.”

Bob Robertson & Bernita Grove
Battlement Mesa, CO
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