Battlement Mesa, CO

Bernita: “I realized at one point that my nose was stuffed all time. And it has been, ever since 2006, which is sort of crazy. Sometimes the smells were so bad, we had to come inside and turn our swamp cooler off and shut the doors. I mean, it was really wretched. Sometimes the noises would be that bad, too.”

Bob: “On a nice summer day, when it’s pretty warm outside, you like to be outside doing activities, you know. Having barbecues and everything. But we couldn’t go out, because the smells were so bad. And then, we come in the house, and we couldn’t have our swamp cooler running, because it pulls all the air in.”

Bernita: “It smelled like a combination of engine oil and other things like that. And it wasn’t always there, you know? You’d call and complain, but it would be gone by the time you got someone. Until the next thing happened. I mean, the problem is, this was an ongoing event. People don’t realize that when they don’t live with it.”

Bob Robertson & Bernita Grove
Battlement Mesa, CO
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