Arvada, WY

Marge: “The first oil and gas man who came out here was from a company in Michigan. At that time, our granddaughter was about two years old, and the man just fawned over her. Boy, that just made this old grandma smile. I thought he was a fine fellow. …Well. He didn’t turn out to be very fine.”

Bill: “None of them told the truth. They all told us stories. They said there’d be lots of water, that they’d pump water out for us, and that it would right come out when they were drilling. They said, ‘You can use this water to irrigate with. You’ll be able to irrigate all the land you’d want to irrigate.’”

Marge: “Yeah. ‘You’ll have all the water you ever wanted.’ And we did. Except they forgot to mention that it’s unusable, because the mineral content is so high.”

Bill: “It was saltwater.”

Marge: “It just turned the ground to bricks.”

Bill: “It’s like putting ocean water on your pasture. It kills all the grass, and the vegetation. They even tried to grow fish in it, at one point, and it killed the fish.”

Bill & Marge West
Arvada, WY