Arvada, WY

Marge: “When we signed the original lease, there wasn’t a whole lot of negotiating. There really wasn’t. They came out and they said, ‘We bought up these leases, and we’re going to drill on your land.’ We own some of the minerals. But all they said was, ‘We will give you x amount.’ And there was no negotiation about it. Because, I mean, they could come on our land either way.”

Bill: “On parts of our land, we own the surface, but the minerals belong to state and federal. So we didn’t have any power. They’d come onto our land whenever they wanted to.”

Marge: “None. Because the state told them, ‘Yeah, go ahead and drill.’ And the state is way behind on their mineral taxes. They just let these guys keep going and going and going. It’s been forced on us. It truly has.”

Bill & Marge West
Arvada, WY